How it all began

The story of this shop starts with a love story. My name is Ramona, and I was born and raised in Romania. In 2018 I met my now husband Ismael, and moved to the USA. Here, I used my knowledge in sewing, my previous experience of managing a sewing factory, and my passion for interior design as background for setting up this shop together with my husband.
Although the year we opened, 2020, was a rough year, we have taken one step at a time, and have come a long way. We are grateful for that, and we appreciate all the support we got along the way!
Our purpose at Textileish is to offer you affordable but high quality decorative pillow covers, and create unique designs you won't find anywhere else! We love neutrals, but we also like to incorporate a little bit of color. And most importantly... we love to combine and offer you pillow sets options. If you do not find something you like, we can always help you with a personalized combo option, that is just right for your space.
We are grateful to have you here!